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Sexual dysfunction doesn't just occur in men. Dr. Debra Epstein sees many women in Maple Shade and Turnersville, South Jersey who no longer experience pleasure during sex. Some women who come to her office even experience pain during sexual intercourse, but Dr. Epstein uses compassion and innovative treatments like MonaLisa Touch® to empower women to feel confident and sexually fulfilled once again. Call Dr. Epstein today or schedule an appointment online to start enjoying your sex life once again.

Painful Intercourse Q & A

What are Sexual Dysfunction and Painful Sex?

Sexual dysfunction occurs when your ability to become aroused or maintain arousal diminishes. You may have difficulty achieving orgasm, no matter how much stimulation you receive. You may also notice you no longer have a desire to have sex.

Factors like insufficient lubrication can cause you to have pain during sex. Although both sexual dysfunction and painful intercourse develop from disease and various other issues, it's common for women to experience these symptoms as a result of low levels of estrogen, in particular before and during menopause.

How Does a Gynecologist Diagnose Sexual Dysfunction and Painful Intercourse?

Sexual arousal and pleasure involve various aspects of the body, including your emotions, medical background, age, and lifestyle. To fully understand the causes behind your sexual dysfunction, Dr. Epstein discusses the problems you're having and gathers intimate information about your sex life and any other part of your life that could lead to painful intercourse or sexual dysfunction.

Dr. Epstein may conduct testing including a pelvic exam, Pap smear, blood tests, and a urinalysis to identify any diseases or disorders contributing to your issue. Testing allows her to evaluate your hormone levels and identify any STDs that could contribute to dissatisfaction with your sex life.

If applicable, Dr. Epstein may recommend an ultrasound to diagnose conditions like cancer.

How Does a Gynecologist Treat Sexual Dysfunction and Painful intercourse?

Using empathy and a personalized treatment plan, Dr. Epstein can help you regain your ability to become aroused and achieve orgasm. Sometimes, the treatment includes a referral to a counselor to resolve any emotional dilemmas that lead to your sexual dysfunction.

After discussing your lifestyle, she may advise you to change your diet or quit smoking. She even addresses steps you can take during sex to reduce sexual dissatisfaction. For instance, toys and personal lubricants make sex more comfortable and pleasurable for many adults.

If you have sexual dysfunction or painful intercourse related to a hormone problem, Dr. Epstein might prescribe creams or other hormone delivery methods to balance your hormone levels. She might recommend trying MonaLisa Touch to reduce the prevalence of vaginal dryness.

Don't let sexual dysfunction and painful intercourse affect your relationship and self-confidence. Dr. Epstein offers treatment options to meet your needs in a comforting environment. Contact the office to get started today.

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